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Yard Waste Removal minimum pickup fee is $150. The first 14 cubic yard trailer load ranges from $150-$399. Additional loads are $250.

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Charlotte Yard Waste and Tree Removal | VETS

When it comes to keeping your yard in good shape, one thing is certain. Whether you prefer a DIY method or hire a professional to do it, you’ll have to remove green waste and debris while maintaining your lawn or landscape. And if a tree has started to decay or experience water-related damage, it’s time to act fast and get hauling services.

Veterans Easy Trash Service is a local Charlotte yard waste and tree removal company. We help property owners in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas by providing solutions to any issues regarding trees and landscapes, as well as upkeep and removal. For us, no project is too big or small.

There’ll come a time when your yard requires an overhaul. This could be a personal choice or a result of natural forces. Either way, depending on how big your yard is, the average lawn waste bin won’t contain all that yard waste. At this point, you will need a reliable and professional removal company to help you get rid of bags of leaves and weed and also remove large trees. That’s why VETS is here to help solve that problem. We specialize in clearing yards as quickly as possible while applying green processes.

Cost-Effective Yard Debris Removal

Yard work is no small task, especially if you want precision and finesse. As professionals, we can give your yard work a boost by doing it for you. There's more to our services than just hauling waste and driving off with it.

We've helped a lot of yard owners by offering labor only services and are willing to become the extra pair of hands you need. VETS can do most of the extra work like placing vegetation, moving soil and sandbags, and more. Yes, we’ll also unload plants and trees. Many clients who contact us for a Charlotte yard waste and tree removal service have found our extra services helpful and we are sure that you will too.

As part of our hauling and removal process, check out some of the more popular local services you can get with VETS:

  • Compost and clippings

  • General yard cleanup

  • Removed trees and stumps

  • Fallen branches

  • Soil and mulch

  • Flowers, plants, and grass

  • Leaves and soil

  • Trees and shrubs


There’s more!

In addition to maintaining your yard and removing waste, we also offer fence and deck demolition and removal. VETS specializes in demolishing and removing hardscapes, as well as land clearing. You will always find miscellaneous junk items strewn all over your yard. These items include but are not restricted to broken fridges, vehicle scraps, and more. Allow our team to come in and help you get rid of these miscellaneous items and we can also do a hot tub/spa removal.

Who says you have to spend a fortune to get quality yard debris removal in Charlotte NC? Our professionals at VETS will always go the extra mile to meet all your needs. And the best part is that our waste removal and disposal service won't cost you an arm or a leg.

A Charlotte Yard waste and Tree Removal Service You Can Count On

We know you hate to keep your yard debris lying around for too long. Simply schedule it and we will come in to have it removed no matter what kind of yard project the waste comes from. Avoid delay because failing to get rid of yard debris sooner can be risky. When yard debris lies around for too long, you or someone else could get hurt.

With VETS, you can count on trained professionals to deliver flawless, affordable, and reliable yard waste services. Customer satisfaction has always been our motivation and this shouldn’t be any different in your case. We’ve built a reputation that ensures households and businesses in Charlotte NC count on us when it comes to:

  • Tree removal

  • Fallen tree hauling

  • Vine and branch removal

  • Retaining wall demolition and removal

  • Woodpile removal

  • Storm debris removal

  • Land clearing and removal

  • Overgrown shrub removal

  • Lawn waste disposal and cleanup


Once you contact us for a Charlotte yard waste and tree removal service, all you have to do is sit back and relax. We will then send a professional crew to your site to get rid of all kinds of waste as quickly as possible. You've got nothing to worry about when our trash service crew arrives on site. That's because we are bonded, insured, and licensed. So our customers can feel at peace as they enjoy our exceptional services centered on providing complete satisfaction. Simply reach out to us to schedule your yard debris removal. We want to hear from you and discuss your needs. You'll also get a free estimate from us.

Other Yard Waste Disposal Services

Everyone makes plans but unexpected situations can arise. Yard projects may not always go according to plan due to unforeseen circumstances. When this happens, you will eventually spend more days or weeks getting your yard transformed into the desired shape.

We have an option to help you out in cases like this one. VETS offers a rented trailer option for property owners in Charlotte NC. This should allow you to collect your own yard waste and dump them while working. If you prefer this option, get in touch with us and we will deliver and place the trailer at the time and place you choose. With this, you can continue working at your own pace while filling the trailer with all kinds of yard junk like trees, weeds, and grass, as well as flowers and plants.

All you then have to do is call VETS to come pick it up once you’re done. We understand the hard work and process that goes into giving your yard a facelift and are confident that you’ll find our trailer rental service helpful.

Green Hands – More Than Just Yard Waste Removal

Veterans Easy Trash Service employs hauling and removal methods that are ecologically-friendly and environmentally-sound. We value the communities in which we provide our services and take pride in working sticking to worthwhile waste management goals. It is our pleasure to offer customer-centered green solutions geared towards creating the best outcomes for landscapes and yard owners in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

Asides from being one of the greenest waste removal companies in the US, we also have the most competitive prices that you’d hardly find anywhere else. Our certification and license prove that we can handle more than just yard waste. VETS can also get rid of construction debris, appliances, old TVs, batteries, and general waste. Our recycling processes are so comprehensive that we successfully recycle over 80% of whatever we remove. By recycling and disposing of junk properly, we keep waste out of landfills.

Need to remove yard waste? Then sign up for our Charlotte yard waste and tree removal service ASAP. Speak to us by calling 980-613-4692 today.

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