Franchise Opportunities

VETS’ unique approach to the bulk trash/junk removal market provides franchisees with instant revenue from our strong relationships with multifamily management groups.

Veterans are a perfect fit for owning a VETS franchise. In many ways, it’s just like being a leader in any of the military branches. You’ll build, train, and inspire a team (or multiple teams) to go on missions everyday. Trash is a people business, from employees to customers. Effective planning and execution are key, as well as the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and situations. The main difference, your efforts and work are rewarded quickly with greater success and revenue. No more grinding for a static paycheck!

VETS in uniquely positioned to support you in your franchise venture:

  1. Commercial Jobs: 16 National Management Company Partnerships
    And growing! Our partners manager over 1 million apartment units.
  2. Residential Jobs: Large Customer Base
    Where as most competitor franchises will limit the size of your territory, potentially putting you as a neighbor to a sister franchise branch in the same city, VETS assigns locations focused on large cities with only one VETS franchise location. The average residential customer base is 500k residents.
  3. Huge Market, Huge Opportunity
    The US Junk Removal market value exceeds $10 Billion Dollars. Each of our markets have a value exceeding $1 Million Dollars (on the low end!).
  4. Various Lines of Business
    VETS has expertise in multiple, related lines of business to complement junk removal. We also provide dumpster rentals, commercial long term dumpsters, rollout valet dumpster services, and consulting. Franchise owners aren’t pigeon holed into one revenue stream, we encourage you, and will push you to expand into others!
  5. Guided Growth
    VETS knows how to help you scale and grow your market. From $10k revenue a month, to $100k a month, we will guide you every step of the way, helping you to make the right decisions with hiring, buying new equipment, when to get yourself out of the trucks, when to hire a general manager, and beyond.

Reach out to us! If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity, just submit a form and we will get back to you right away.

Franchise Opportunities

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Our Mission

American Jobs, Veteran Community. Create American jobs focused on the Veteran Community, and build a profitable business that is a great place to work.

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