Tips for preparing for bulk pickup

Taking care of those large, lingering items that you just don’t want anymore can be daunting. Follow the tips below to make things easy!

  1. Make a list
    It might sound silly, but make a list of what you need to be removed.
  2. Say goodbye to unused stuff
    Whatever you put on your list, track it down and say goodbye. We recommend consolidating it all in one place that’s out of sight and out of mind. Maybe your garage, maybe the backyard.Better yet, go ahead and put it curbside, then you’ll feel the pressure to get it gone!
  3. Prepare for pickup
    We guarantee we will make things simple. If you do nothing to prepare your items for pickup, that’s fine by us! However, if you want to prepare before hand (to reduce your costs), follow these tips:

    • Cut tree limbs into 6-foot segments and stacked neatly so that all cut ends point in the same direction.
    • Keep glass separate from other items, in small, sturdy cardboard boxes and clearly labeled.
    • Place yard clippings (grass, leaves, palm tree skins and bark) in plastic bags and tie them closed.
    • Keep types of items separated (don’t mix trash with recyclables).
  4. Kick back + Relax
    Once we pick up your bulk trash and recycling, kick back and take a break, you earned it!