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Bulk Trash and Junk Removal

What can we pickup? When people ask this, I like to tell them "pretty much anything!" Really though, in general, the only exclusions are "food trash" and hazardous materials (chemicals & paint). If it doesn't have food in it and it's not a chemical, we can take it!

This is not an inclusive list. Based on conditions and material composition, some items may not be able to be removed.

  • Furniture

  • Clothes

  • Books

  • Appliances

  • Mattresses/Box Springs

  • Automobile and Bicycle Tires (limit 5. Tires on the rim are charged a fee).

  • Computers, Television Monitors (Limit 3)

  • Other Electronic Waste

  • Yard Trimmings/Brush

  • Rigid Plastics

  • Construction materials: lumber, brick, carpet, shingles, windows, doors, tile, etc.

What we can't pickup:

Charlotte Dumpster Rentals

Our 14 cu yd dumpsters are top of the line. Do you have a large project you're working on? Do you need a couple of days to clear out? Our dumpster rental is the best deal in Charlotte at $299 for three days.

  • Perfect for construction debris removal

  • Our dumpsters have back gates and ramps for easy access and loading.

Small Demolition: Deck, Fence, Above Ground Pool, and Concrete Demolition

Do you have an old fence or deck you need to be removed? Do you have an old driveway you need to be replaced? We can get it out in a single day!

  • Sit back and relax as we do all of the hard work

  • Experience matters- even when it's a simple demolition job, knowing how to do it makes things go much more smoothly. We've done it all!

Yard Waste and Tree Removal

Trees and yard waste can be a huge pain to get removed from your yard. We can come and take it all away! Whether you place it curbside, or you'd like us to get it out of the yard where it lays, we are the best choice for the job.

Community | Business Manager Trash Disposal Services

Do you have a dumpster service that isn't quite cutting it? It's a common problem, you get your residents' or your company's trash removed in dumpsters, but there is always that leftover trash and bulky trash items left over. 

That's where we come in!

  • Weekly Clean Ups

  • Bulk Item Removal

  • Waste Management
  • Signage for Residents (Encourages them to use the dumpster and the extra bins we provide)
  • We even sweep after clean up!

Charlotte Scrap Metal Pickup

Your large appliance and metal items can be difficult to get moved out of your home. Often times you need special equipment, and certain items can't be disposed of at the local landfill. 

VETS is equipped to remove all of your large metal items and dispose of them properly. We recycle all metal, so you can feel confident that your removal is benefitting the environment. 

  • Riding mowers

  • Appliances

  • Water tanks

  • Bicycles

  • Much more!

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