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14 cubic yard dumpster rentals are $299 for three days, Friday-Sunday.

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Our 14 cu yd dumpsters are top of the line. Do you have a large project you're working on? Do you need a couple of days to clear out? Our dumpster rental is the best deal in Charlotte at $299 for three days.

  • Rent for as short or long as you like

  • Perfect for construction debris removal

  • Emptied daily

  • Our dumpsters have back gates and ramps for easy access and loading.

What can you put in your dumpster? When people ask this, I like to tell them "pretty much anything!" Really though, in general, the only exclusions are "food trash" and hazardous materials (chemicals & paint). If it doesn't have food in it and it's not a chemical, we can put it in the dumpster!

This is not an inclusive list. Based on conditions and material composition, some items may not be able to be removed.

  • Furniture

  • Clothes

  • Books

  • Appliances

  • Mattresses/Box Springs

  • Automobile and Bicycle Tires (limit 5. Tires on the rim are charged a fee).

  • Computers, Television Monitors (Limit 3)

  • Other Electronic Waste

  • Yard Trimmings/Brush

  • Rigid Plastics

  • Construction materials: lumber, brick, carpet, shingles, windows, doors, tile, etc.

What we can't pickup:

Affordable Charlotte Dumpster Rental - Veterans Easy Trash Service

Veterans Easy Trash Service is the go-to company when you’re looking for a Charlotte dumpster rental service. Do you want the best junk removal deals, most competitive rates, five-star customer service, and swift delivery? Then call us today in North Carolina.

If you’re keen about keeping your house or commercial space clean, then you know how important it is to use dumpster containers. It is especially crucial when undertaking home renovation projects and major clean-outs. We, at VETS, are widely renowned as waste management specialists offering the best dumpster rental packages in Charlotte NC.

Rent A Dumpster Container With Ease

Yes, we provide roll-off dumpster deliveries but that's not all. From homes to business spaces, we work with you to make sure that you have access to a waste disposal solution that is both dependable and efficient.

Our services cover waste removal, debris waste management for residential and business properties, as well as recycling through dumpster rentals. So once you have your dumpster filled up, you can hire us to get rid of your debris, rubbish, waste, and non-hazardous junk quickly. Clients who subscribe to our dumpster rental service also enjoy cleanup services after we haul away their trash.

Renting a dumpster doesn't have to be too expensive. If you would like to know more about our affordable pricing packages or how our dumpster rental service works, we are just a call away. For more insight on how we conduct trash management and recycling, as well as dumpster rental in Charlotte, check out some of our packages below:

● Dumpster Rentals

Depending on what the needs of your project are, you can select from any of our dumpster sizes. Can’t figure out what dumpster size is best for your home or project needs? Not to worry. Just call us to get professional advice on how to choose one.

● Foldable Bagster Bag

We have an affordable Bagster bag package in place for construction projects that require a portable dumpster. You’ll receive a large, solid trash bag that allows you to collect garbage with ease at any point in time. Our foldable Bagster bag can contain several thousands pounds of trash when fully opened.

● Clean-out Services

Whether you own a garage or stockroom, there will come a time when you need to do a clean-out. Apart from renting our dumpsters, you can hire VETS to help you pack up old stuff and pick up all your trash. And when we collect your rented dumpsters, you'll also enjoy our same-day cleaning services.

Our Charlotte Dumpster Services and Sizes

Here at VETS, clients who rent our dumpsters can qualify to receive discounts from time to time. If you'd like to enjoy renting a dumpster from a friendly company at competitive prices, then check out our dumpster rental services below:

● Residential Dumpster Rentals

From yard work, landscaping, and roofing repairs to home renovation and estate cleanouts, residential customers can also use our dumpsters. All you have to do is get in touch with us and ask for a size that best suits your needs. And if you can't figure out what size to use, we can help you decide that.

● Commercial Dumpster Rentals

To improve garbage management efficiency, big businesses have to use adequate containers. And since we are commercial dumpster specialists, we can help you determine the best one for your business. We will also come on time to collect and haul away your garbage before cleaning up the area.

● Construction Dumpsters

One area known for generating large quantities of debris is construction sites. But no matter how big your construction project is, we have the right dumpsters for you. Rent our dumpsters and hire us to get rid of the large debris and trash.

Keep in mind that our dumpster rental services do not come with hidden fees. So don't expect to pay any extra costs or surcharges besides what you find on your quote. From rentals and deliveries to trash pickups and cleaning services, expect to receive prompt service. So if you would like a dumpster rental and garbage management solution that is simple and stress-free, call VETS today.

Our 14 cu yd and 20 cu yd dumpsters are unique, as they are on trailers. This has several benefits for you, the customer. First off, it won't tear up your driveway or yard. There's nothing worse than trying to get some good work done cleaning out your property, and now you have damage to your driveway! Additionally, our dumpsters are easy to load, with back gates and ramps. Whether you are looking to discard limited waste, garbage from medium-scale renovations, waste from large scale renovations, or get rid of accumulated debris from extensive large-scale projects, VETS has got you covered.

We are a reliable dumpster source and operate differently from other third-party rental services you find in Charlotte. You’ll also notice how polite and courteous our office personnel, staff, laborers, operators, and drivers are. That's because we strive to build a strong relationship with our clients by keeping them happy.

Get a Reliable Charlotte Dumpster Rental Service

Here at Veterans Easy Trash Service, we only deliver top-of-the-line dumpsters. No matter how big or small your project is, we have a solution for you. And even if your project requires that you use our dumpster for a couple of days, there's nothing to worry about. That’s because we offer the best dumpster rental deals in Charlotte and other areas in North Carolina.

⮚ Emptied every day

⮚ Ease of access and loading as they come with ramps and back gates

⮚ Great for removing construction debris

⮚ No time limit. Rent for as long as you like

​Are you looking to do a small or large scale renovation on your home? Do you need to haul off debris and garbage from your construction site? Or would you like to rent a dumpster for business-related garbage?

There's no need to spend so much time talking to amateurs or researching without results. Now you've got the opportunity to save yourself some time by talking to the best Charlotte dumpster rental company. Get in touch with us at VETS so we can discuss what the best dumpster for your needs is and how to get it to you.

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